Winter Horse Rug Care Guide

Step 1: Follow the label on your horse rug

It goes without saying that you should follow the manufactures notes on the care label. Remember that each and every horse rug is different and dependent on what it’s made from eg fleece or canvas will depend on how it should be cared for.

Step 2: Secure your horse rug

Close any Velcro attachments or straps on the horse rug prior to washing.
Close any surcingles or if they are removable, take them off the horse rug prior to washing.

Step 3: Wash your horse rug

Prior to washing your horse rug try to brush off the excess dirt. Do this with a light brush. Hard brushing may damage the waterproof membranes or pierce delicate material.

After the bulk of the dirt is removed from your horse rug, place your rug gentally into a washing machine. When washing your horse rug ensure that you only wash the rug in maximum 30 degree water on a gentle wash cycle, or cold hose. Do not pressure wash.

Step 4: Drying your horse rug

After your horse rug is finished being washed dry it away from a direct source of heat. Hang it somewhere out of direct sunlight, but with good cross ventilation is ideal as it will reduce potential for bleaching and damage to stitching.

Step 5: Storing your winter horse rug

If you’re storing your winter horse rugs for the summer, make sure they are completely dry before being stored somewhere vermin proof. No-one want’s to find a rug full of mould at the start of next winter!

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